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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  January 7, 2011 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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a leak making six guests sex at popular centers as a hotel. >> today san francisco is expected to learn who the new mayor and district attorney will be. we have to details ahead. >> is a cold start to word is one to get chile this weekend. let us take a live look at the golden gate bridge. this ability is great. there is a chill in the air. if 'til is more than freezing and freezing is more than chile bennet is chile isn't it? >> a lot of thirties around the spot. when you're driving around you will notice the fog is not bad. the cold temperatures persist in the fall of the we do get will be mainly confined to the north of these ballets, cloudy but dry. chance of rain coming in next week. those are whether headlines this morning. temperatures in the
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'30's and i few degrees warmer than we were this time yesterday. 37 it said rosa, 35 and up but, 35 in san francisco, warmer of the coast. 38 in fairfield, 36 is in the range of the east bay. so is warming up pretty good, mountain view 42, it said is a coming of 39. in terms of temperature and wind chill take a look at that. it feels colder than it looks on the monitor. there's not a lot of wind out there. you will feel it on the skins of dress appropriately. you've been dealing with it all week long we have another bid to go before the temperatures warm up slightly. san jose or san resisting the densest fog on the visibility maps. you concede on the map over here, the fog is lifting a little bit to and it is a little higher up the so it feels like you're driving under clouds. a lot of folks are putting it visibility
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better at 3 mi.. in the terms of afternoon high 52 in santa rosa, 54 in cochrane. 48 in fairfield. a lot of folks in the east bay are having a tough time getting out of the 40's. antioch, delta, 46 in livermore. it is hard to be a little bit cooler there. temperatures in the mid-50s getting into the upper 50s down there by morning help. a quick look at seven day forecast. clouds rolling in for saturday and sunday, still dry. temperatures dipping a bit just a few degrees. will warm up slightly as we get more clever. temperatures getting into the upper 30's before days by wednesday. but once the wheels of a slight chance of rain to. that is the way it looks for now. six 02 a.m., let us check with george. >> project. we're good right now in west bound direction. concede the volume is building up. the approach the 80 over here and the 583
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the marker of their race. your bridge right across the made san mateo bridge, no problems. lighter than usual traffic to and for the 6:00 a.m. married are. across this land, no fault to contend. may change later. speaking of fog, no fault of advisories. the morning started with an advisory for the position of operations but not for the car huge bridge. this is the case yet today. there is a father advisory issued for the richmond and san rafael bridge. it may be confined to the eastern and near the toll plaza. mark? >> with a developing story, that it shared department is investigating a dispute were deputy shot a man. sellout reporter on the scene with more. >> good morning, all made
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it sheriff's department is still on the scene. they have all the information out there rooting for the crime investigation to arrive and that it will go into the apartments are driven all of the evidence that's been left behind. it started at 11:30 p.m. last night when the officer responded to it and domestic violence is on call. j d nelson of the alameda it share of can sheet spokesperson explained what happened when he entered the apartment. >> the deputies believe the suspect went around with a gun in his hand and the deputy through a pistol and fired it at the suspect. he jumped out of the third story window and fled on foot. this is where we are tonight. with a pardon is set up very quickly it does not appear that the suspect has been apprehended. this
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is an officer of lot shooting. the deputy at the time believed the suspect with a gun in his hand. you fired and that is when the suspect jumped out of the third store window. >> it did find a suspect about one block away from the apartment complex. they were looking for a yard to yard, surging energy egg and a pound amid a bush. he was taken into custody without incident. he seemed to be done harm at any of it gonna exchange. it is amazing that he jumped out three stories and was still able to run on foot. of block away from here. they were able to capture him, at no time when they will reopen this area because they are still waiting for the technicians to i arrived. it is causing some trouble with residents that live in that complex because there are cars on the other side of the yellow tape and
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they're stuck there until this investigation is over smart. >> big year for the update. another story we are following is of carbon monoxide leak at the marriott hotel. six people were examined on fourth street and it appears that a couple of them had elevated levels of carbon monoxide in their blood. kron4 news will try and has the latest from the scene this morning. >> the fire department is working to see where the carbon monoxide came from and perhaps it was just a week. we have been able to confirm with the fire department that they defied the high levels of carbon monoxide in certain rooms and that the victims are flight attendants from singapore who arrived in town two days ago. reporting from san francisco i will transfer kron4 news. >> said resistance in there today who will replace 08 mara avenues in. they have plans to meet this morning.
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a front-runner has and merge. >> i would vote for it the board fort mayor if that's where it the boats are. he has indicated that he would except the interim their position if we voted on at and with some was such disparity i think he can move this forward. >> he released a statement saying he loved this city and would be honored to serve as mayor. >> before marriage recently asked for his post of attended governor he has to select a district attorney as well. the notes that may come today. david she was asked to take it but he declined because he wants to stay in city hall. >> we'll be right back. here's a look at the james lick. cold and foggy. traffic is light.
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it is 6:11 a.m.. taking a live look at walnut creek. it is dark and quiet. not much traffic there. the visibility is great. it is clear and cold. 39 degrees and up. the creek is only heating up to 49 degrees for the higher this afternoon >> the labor department is showing the drop in the nation's employment rate. did it. during the month of love december. it is lower than it has been since may of 2009. a big part of the drop is due to people given up the job search. the have given up looking for work and they're not counted as employed. >> new this morning the house plans whether to
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appeal the health-care law. republicans are back in charge. a procedural vote today will set the rules for the debate and a final action will happen next week, wednesday. as the republicans want to appeal brought the bomb must help care plan which expands coverage. they want to start over with a more modest, less costly approach. democratic leaders in the senate say they will block a repeal. president greco, in the meantime said president barack obama will name gene sperling as director of the national economic council. sperling, 52, currently a senior counselor to treasury secretary timothy geithner, will assume his new role as the white house seeks to accelerate the recovery and find an antidote to the sky-high jobless numbers. the role gives sperling broad oversight of the administration's economic policies as the white house contends with near-double digit unemployment and looming legislative battles on the budget and deficit. his appointment comes amid a broader shake-up of obama's senior staff.
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>> we will be right back as kron4 news continues after the break
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as a big problem. a three page letter sent it to residents and city leaders, the city leaders say that there is actions in the committee that art unacceptable. the letters posted on there website. the gang population has increased and they are looking into have law- enforcement intervention and prevention. a police officer has pleaded not guilty to child molestation the possession of child pornography. the he pleaded not guilty yesterday. the charges, or the criminal acts, were allegedly committed during 2007 and
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2010. the boys were it 15 years old starting at 10 years old. there could be a sesecond to pick them. their plan to continue to charge and if he is convicted he would face of life sentence. >> 31 year-old benjamin stickler admits that he firebombed the court has back in june. you concede the building here, these are from the case files, >> three days before governor brown releases his budget plan we will release but it may possibly be cut. dismantling rehabilitation agencies as a part of budget cuts to help balance the budget. this would worsen the pain inflicted on local hardee's in recent years when they raided their budgets. the official budget proposal comes out on
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monday. >> the only democrat serving on the supreme court is stepping down. carlos romero it is announcing his retirement. the 62 year-old is known for being the only justice that is against proposition 8. the same sex marriage ban. he says next to like to go into private practice or get involved in private affairs. jittery 28 is his retirement date. the race for governor is a controversy all situation. there are five elections. 59.4 of eligible voters voted to end in 2006 the number was 56.2 for the turn out ended 1994 with the turnout was as high as 60.5% when pete wilson debate it state treasurer kathleen brown. >> 6:18 a.m. is the story and we want to get a look at the weather. the big story is how cold it is. i told
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the kids that it is cold, the way to. >> and as with all of the 30 degree temperatures. are directors maybe a few degrees hire and the fog is actually getting better as well. 39 degrees in will agree. 49 as a high and it will be on the east side and the east bay from walnut creek on tnt at livermore where is cooler. right now we are seeing it low to mid- 30s, said a file 35. 38 in concord. 40 degrees in redwood city. 40 degrees also in san jose. 30s are extending into these locations and right now towards livermore. we're going to see the temperatures hover above the 40 and low 50 degree mark for the bay area today. future crashes as the
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temperatures in the 6:00 hour are predominately dominated by the 30 degree range. as we go towards 9:00 a.m. the '40's will creep from the south. by about noon time of the '40's and maybe even some '50s that take up the majority of our temperatures struck the bay and by 3:00 in the afternoon the 56 point to work their way up to the south bay and into the far places of the north bay. it will not last long into the evening as the thirties will return. they take over the map by midnight tonight. temperatures are shaping up. fog on the other hand, improving. our heavy is what is in santa rosa along the 101. everyone else is dealing with mild conditions. visibility is it zero to 1 mi. which is good. no. bay is looking at fifties. 49 by the delta. mid-50s to upper 50s for the media bay and as you get down to this it a by morgan
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hill you get up to 58 degrees. cool out there in the delta. anybody close to central valley, we had a system in l.a. that is spiralling of the fog from the central valley into the bay area and that will change when you get the system and the pacific moving in. it will push the fog back into central valley and bring in more clouds and warm up the overnight temperatures. it will bring you the possibility of rain. more on that to come. good morning george. >> good morning james. a good ride for interstate 80 and highway 4. coming from the upper to the east bay. it is funny we call the west bound when you aren't driving set piece on the compass but be that as you may there right here is looking like to. we of the incident free for the state of the interstate all morning. at the bay bridge toll plaza even now as we approach the hour or the leader of lights are typically at activated you can see traffic is still
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very, very light. it is one of the later days of the week. will get by without the meter and light for the next 45 minutes and we will not have a back up unless you know it is on the meter in life. at our high, to look at your ride over at that video shepard and john where a dense fog advisory is in place. they also had out advisory for the senate as a bridge but we're not sure it is warranted as it does not add it all. >> it is 6:22 a.m. and we will be back with more in just a couple of minutes.
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welcome back where is a snowstorm on the east coast. it is not as bad as the blizzard. philadelphia, it york, new jersey and new york city mayor michael bloomberg is making sure the
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crews are ready for this was storm after the blizzard that paralyzed the city and airports two weeks ago. there are gps systems that allowing officials to track the snowplows. here is some video from the post christmas blizzard that paralyzed york and delayed flights four days. >> spaceflight shuttle is delayed. the mission is now called off until the end of february. nasa decided to take more time to complete repairs and work on the external fuel tank. it is loaded with supplies for the international space station. the mission is next to last for it the plan but another flight may be added for this summer. >> gov it and officials in maryland are expected back to work after packages were sent to them. authorities were alerted after somebody complained about highway
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signs and mailed as small package to the governor. the parcel it ignited when it was opened shooting out the timetable in the essential workers of figure. explosive traces were found, their incendiary devices. >> the u.s. government is making a announcement about lowering of fluoride in drinking water. it dramatically cuts tooth decay but two out of five children have toothed stricken from too much fluoride. it is being detected by dentist and it is something >> we will be back in two minutes. a look at san jose where traffic is starting to built, north of 1 01 and some fog on the interchange.
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welcome back the new york stock exchange fell is worrying. will follow later on with numbers. >> there is a power outage in alameda. it is the story we're following with jackie says phil. jackie? did the lights just go on? the traffic light is on. >> literally, 30 seconds ago the late pop on. a used to beat dark and there was no street lights or signal its work it. the whole area was blanketed in black and literally as you are coming to me, that is when the lights pop on, at best 4000 residential customers without power for several hours because of a blown transformer. the hydro company was working hard to
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restore power so i assume that your friends and coworkers may be slipping a little bit because there alarms are most likely screwed up. >> the best thing you can do if you have a frontier, call them at 7:30 a.m. or whatever time they get up. >> it is a built-in excuse. >> i hope you realize this is what will happen, people are going to be late to work. mark? >> it is cold and foggy. i'm going to mention that we have some delays with arriving flights at the sfo 40-42 minutes. >> it is cold and foggy once more. we have seen this pattern once again in the 30's, upper 30s, 35 and up but, 37 in the file. down in fremont as well. 40 degree weather right now in redwood city, 40 in san francisco. things are getting slightly better in terms of temperature. the art if you
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can believe it a degree or to warmer that we work 24 hours ago. this map showing seven degrees warmer now, for in concord. a few spots are cooler, san francisco for one, oakland for another. the word is three degrees cooler. half moon bay is 4 degrees cooler. talk about the fog? this visibility map shows the density, it is minor fog may be some clouds as it is better to call it that. you'll notice the ceiling above your head. maligned cloud cover. eight could get locally dents in the bellies of be careful of that as you are driving through. in nature valley and the livermore valley. as you make your way along the 24, the spots can be locally heavy at times but otherwise we're dealing with the better it fog state than we were. here are your highs.
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52 degrees in san rosa, 53 in richmond. 49 in concord. the spate and antioch looking at 46, who double time, pleasanton, the ballot, your area will be a little bit cooler. your seven day forecast, take a look here. in the weekend and later around the cloud cover begins to build as we head into saturday and sunday and stay dry. it looks like thursday, overnight temperatures are getting gradually warmer as we welcome and a cloud cover. that is take a look at the commute. george? >> so free at hot spots. checking at the bay bridge, no backup or delayed. that is good news. it does not look like the meter and light have been activated, certainly not warranted. your ride to the san mateo bridge as a good one. lighter than usual traffic,
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also 83 word of the northbound and set up. golden gate bridge read 101. still good, still trouble free, no delays action late from the 37 down to the toll plaza. the commute for the pretty shut bridge as against the fog advisory this morning. the curtain is bridge does not. there was an advisory for the richmond cinephile bridge but i have reports that things are not fog the there as they were yesterday. fog is not a factor for your ride this morning. >> thank you, new details on this or we have been following all morning. a possible carbon monoxide leak at the mary it. six people were examined at the hotel here on fourth street, two of them including the west into the hospital showed elevated levels of carbon monoxide in their blood. the victims were on the fourth and fifth floors. will trend has a new information about the victims of war and the
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hotel. >> we have been able to confirm with the san francisco fire department that they found high levels of carbon monoxide in certain rooms and that the victims are flight attendants who flights came in from singapore perhaps two days ago. i talked to the front desk person and he said they are still accepting guests at this time, i also asked if anybody is still on the fourth floor and he says yes. where this gas leak came from and what remains a mystery. reporting from san francisco i will transfer kron4 news. >> now to tell me that a county where the sheriff department is investigating ed domestic dispute that ended up with the deputy fire his gun at a man and the man taking off and jumping from a third story. it was a crazy seemed that folded this morning. >> good morning area? officers on the sheriff's department are still in the scene. they're making room
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for the crime technicians to come in and scour the apartment to take any about evidence that's been left behind. as you mentioned, it started as a domestic dispute and when the officer did arrive in the entrance to the apartment the suspect turned around and had a gun in his hand. the officer felt very friendlto and it. he fired at the suspect and the suspect jumped out that window of the apartment, but he don't of a three story it building and survived the fall. he read on but it afterwards and they immediately set up a perimeter, the swat team came out and they started searching for him from yard to yard. they found him one block down from the apartment complex in bushes and they were able to take him in without incident. as far as the woman that was involved, i believe also there was some children. we
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do not know their status. we know of it came out relatively of harm from this whole incident and in the meantime this area is cornered often close off until they finished their investigation. >> just to be clear, the officer that fire does not believe that he hit the suspect? >> is he has no injuries from about shooting. >> incredible. >> in national says stories that we are following, rights activist have been fighting the leaks that may of the danger their safety. they're from zimbabwe and afghanistan and reflect the disclosure of cables obtained by a weak links that have damaged the american interest bite exposing corners. >> it is the 637 and will it
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back towards a few minutes.
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all the methods to look at wall street the dow industrial level is up by eight points. i live look at washington d.c. where the economic hearing is under way. they're telling congress that there is increasing evidence of a self sustaining recovery taking hold. at 8:30 a.m. this morning president barack obama will talk about numbers that have just come out showing that employment dropped from 9.80 9.48%. at a point of that is people stopping to look for work. >> bluegrass raise a hike that will leave about it, while some californians, paying 59% more for their health insurance this year than they did last. state commissioner says that he has no power to stop the
6:42 am
hikes. >> under california law as i do not have the ability to inject excessive rate hikes. i thought i had the authority as a member of the state legislation. the premium hike is another example of why i need the authority. >> his only recourse is to find a problem with the rate hike. he will also absolute shield demonstrate that 70 percent of the increases will go to doctors and hospitals as the law requires and not to line the pockets of blue shield's executives. >> san francisco-based homestead pasta company is pulling thousands of pounds of frozen meat and poultry tamale products from stores because they contain whey, a not listed on the label. the company is recalling approximately 144,633 pounds of the frozen meat and poultry tamales, the united states department of agriculture announced thursday. the tamales were made from april 2010 until january 2011 and shipped to stores in california, oregon
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and washington. the recall includes tamales sold in cases under the names of garibaldi beef tamale, garibaldi turkey tamale, golden west traditional beef tamale with sauce in husk, golden west traditional turkey tamale with sauce in husk, casper homestead pasta company beef tamale and casper homestead pasta company chicken tamale. individual packages within the cases are marked with the establishment number "p- 4994" or "est. 4994" inside the usda mark of inspection, the usda said. there have been no reports of adverse reactions from the consumption of the products, according to the usda. >> are is 643 and will be up with more and a couple of minutes.
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welcome back. we do not know who the coach will be taking care of, it will not be miami. the dolphins are broken up but there is rumors that the dolphins are going to make him the highest-paid coach of $7 million per year. your but may be closer to stay with the cardinal. a schoolmate and amended an offer with him with enhancements that was present did with a lot of perks fort september.
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>> he will stay in stamford and complete his degree in architectural design even though he was considered to be the no. 1 pick by carolina if he decided to leave school early and go to the nfl but he says " i want to graduate as scheduled next year " he led the cardinals to 12 wins and i went over it virginia attack on the orange bowl last night. >> there is an offensive deal made by the giants which caused one of the players to go to the cardinals were he will make and said $3 million. >> the time now is 6:47 a.m.. the mistake a look at the weather. it is cold. continued cold. a look at your bay bridge toll approach. the temperatures are, well compared to
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yesterday, a degree warmer. the 37 degrees right now. 59 degrees at high and getting out into the 40's by this evening. the current temperatures run the rest of the bay are showing as still '30's as the predominant burt traub range. it is 41 degrees and of you. 40 degrees in san jose. the sec a look at temperatures struck the morning. it 6:00 a.m. we're seeing thirties' but now as we're approaching that o'clock the 40's are beginning to work their way of the peninsula and by noon some 40's and '50's creeping into the set. by 3 in the afternoon we're starting to see some of these popping up throughout the area but mainly 40's and 50's. will not get much more than that. the 30's are coming right backlog at everybody is dealing with the chilly weather. in terms of all, it is better. most of the heavy fog has located
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to the north. for the petaluma love the one a one. mild fogs visibility is about 3 mi. or better. there are some localized pockets of dense fog semite shredded to one of those here or there but for the most part it is low cloud cover. 52 degrees is after december is a period of the vallejo. 54 san francisco pier 48 in fairfield. mid to upper 50s you're redwood city of moscow this, but denied degrees expected this afternoon in oakland. 58 in morgan hill. stay relatively cold in the far east. here is your seven day round of base forecast, the merger isn't is decreasing about one here, or cloud cover is well. next week subgrade. probably run thursday, we will have more on that later on. >> they keep james. a very
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good ride around that bay area. traffic loads are light. dense fog and advisories for some bridges in the north bay, no reports of icing conditions so far this morning. light traffic loads, look at the 83 albany. the less than commute is still great leading into golden gate fields and the lower east short freeway than to the berkeley curve at the bay bridge toll plaza with no meter and light, no backup, no delay, the problems across the upper deck. said a is quiet all week-long and so it is the delacroix's leading up to the great american parkway is still it easy ride. you'll find no bayshore freeway problems. a little incident here, if you look closely. a stalled car. it is on the shoulder and it is not create any problems.
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freeway service patrol is already on the scene. public transit, easy ride. no problems. closure's coming up with the 1 01 on the 19th avenue interchange on the wheel drive. >> guess, the doral drive will be closed again this weekend as part of the it worked to replace the approach to the old gate bridge continues. beginning today at 10:00 p.m. the ramp from northbound when a wine will be closed until 10:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. set 10:00 p.m. tonight to 10:00 a.m. tomorrow. the same pattern will go on tomorrow. and that be the southbound route. the to overnight closure's will allow a temporary it shipped of traffic for the newly completed section of the roman bridge. the time was 651 there will be back with more does a few minutes.
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and now is 6:54 a.m.. time for some tech news. the
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gadgets at the conference that is happening at lost it is right now. capes late will take a sneak peek. >> a lot of cool stuff coming out of las vegas this year. they showed off their of ht internet connected plasmid tds. these puppies are thin. less that one and didn't. they hang on the wall like the picture frame. they range in size from what up to 64 in.. there is a crazy new design worried this is it occurred to be on a stand that holds about above the ground. two makers are getting from pete. it should be on the market later this year. this is the fittest and blue rate dvd player. it is three-fourths of an inch thick. it is why fight unable so will help you it strange that flex and listen to pandora radio and play youtube with the post on your tv. there is no
6:56 am
price it. it will come out this spring. there is a 3 beat camcorder's taken shoetree beat movies. you do not need glasses when shooting or viewing on the slide out your screen. issued on a regular tv as well. in its $1,500 when it hit stores this summer. in other stories, algae is showing off at 0 mobile 3-d tb that is not necessary to the glasses to view the 3-d content. it screen is for by 3 in. and works with each beat. it might be useful with tailgating. there is a mobile tb 3 beat your that comes out later this year. nike team up on a wrist watch called the nike sport watch or gps. it captures location information while showing letters of their time, distance and paste
6:57 am
while showing calories burned. it works in the tandem with a sensor to deliver the accurate pace and the distance. no price yet. >> well, the stuff they think of. appleseed wrote steve jobs received his $1 compensation in the fiscal 2010. gosh? he did not take up take that? he has been $1 seller for another year without any bonus. it will reimburse them for trouble on his personal jet. he also holds a five and a half million of apple's shares which gained 60% value in the fiscal year. the time that is 6:57 a.m. will dry up. taking a look at the golden gate bridge and the toll plaza. easy ride. even at this hour, while. the couple lives. 37 degrees in oakland with the high 59
6:58 am
this afternoon.
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